Babalu Band consist of Erik & Mojca.Both members are multi-instrumentalist,with academic degree,and top-educated vocalist.We have both acquired our long-year experience performing on stages all over Europe,in music studios and on festivals also.
In Slovenia,where the band performing mostly,we have satisfied the hight-levelcriteria of major events,gala,dances,dance and music special events at diferent casinos,on last evening of congresses and symposia,etc.
We have a lot of experience with animation of guests on the hotel terrace,also for children.For them we are doeing great mini-disco spetacle,with dancing,singing and games,all supported by live music.
whith a large repertoire of songs ranging from evergreens,clasical standard dance and latino rhytms,the music of the 80" to a modern repertoire.
We conduct the evening – in several languages – and create a genuine contact with the audience,and a professional performance to the delight of the guests and satisfaction of the client.
Top-level technology and appropriate wordroe make a good audible and visual impression to the experctations of the organising party.