"Hard Lemonade was born in 2013 by an idea of the volcanic and spectacular Luca Bitti, singer and frontman of the band and well know in Trieste and Friuli Venezia Giulia as Jack Rabbit Slim DJ. The focus of the band is reinventing famous classics of the italian and international pop musical tradition of '50 and '60 in a peculiar way. Sincere sounds, hot valves and a real brass section are musical characteristics that allows Hard Lemonade to pass the door of vintage through the quality of their arrangements. The attention to the sound is one of the strength of the band that starts from rearrangements in rock’n’roll key of the famous classics of italian music (Perdono, Se perdo anche te, Zucchero, Caravan), and travel around the original version of the most famous '50 and '60 american songs translated in italian language (Great balls of fire, Devil in disguise, etc)."